Harmer’s 2007 How to Teach English

When I firstly met the book, I thought that this book would only talk about the same things as the other books on similar topic have done. At first, I noticed that the only innovation in this book is the accompanying DVD. Moreover, I know that Jeremy Harmer is the author of “The Practice of English Language Teaching”, a book that became the compulsory book for my TEFL class when I was an S1 student in 1999. Therefore, I didn’t really expect that this book will be quite different from the others “how to teach English” books I have read in my S1 study.

When I read the book, I knew that I was partly correct but mostly I was wrong. It is undeniably true that some aspects we can find in this book are similar to the other books. However, there are some things that make this book deserves worthwhile attention. Firstly, although I have graduated from S1 for 2 years and have been teaching since then, I find the details information provided in this book still helpful, especially for novice teachers like me. The easily digested sentences make this book especially helpful for teachers from foreign countries. Other features that make this book even more interesting are its detailed and in-depth discussions. Novice teachers will be greatly helped when they read the discussion from multidimensional point of views provided in this book. It helps teachers to consider an issue more in balance. Teachers are not only fed with one sided explanation of some issues in the field, but also given the balancing arguments that make this book moderate. It is obvious in the book that Harmer does not want to be a teacher who prescribes things that he personally agrees or loves. There are many parts in this book that give suggestions, but the suggestions given are not the only correct things to do. In other words, this book neither prescribes these are WRONG and you should do it nor emphasize that these are TRUE ad you should follow it.



One Response to “Harmer’s 2007 How to Teach English”

  1. wid Says:

    I am looking for a DVD attached to the book “The Practice of English Language Teaching. Do you have it? Btw, where are you now and what school do you teach? Fyi, I have been learning how to teach English.

    Thanks so much.

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